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Sigfox Button PCB

The Sigfox Button PCB, MDX-SB01WH-P01 is an IoT handheld wireless notification
button. This battery powered electronic device that can be useful to signal events to
a cloud server and then to a person or organization. The wireless transmission uses
the Sigfox network. This board is provided without housing.

Main Features:
● A pushbutton with one or two button presses
● RGB led for user feedback
● Max communication distance up to 2 Km
● Battery duration: more of 3 years with 4 messages a day
● Certification included: CE, RoHS
Quick Specification:
● Supply Voltage : 2 x AAA 1.5 V Lithium 1000mAh
● Interface : button
● Dimensions : 81 x 37 mm
● ETSI, RoHS Certification