A breakout board developed to start working with Dusty PCB Ant easily. It comes with a connector with 2 screw terminals, ideal for connecting a battery pack or any 3.3V external power source. It has the standard 10-pin Dust programming header ("Dust Prgrm" on the silkscreen), which allows you to use the standard Dust interface boards and programmers to connect to Dusty, the eterna programmer or the DC9006A+DC9904A combo.

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Main Features:

The Dust ADI Sensors module is a PCBA product incorporating Analog Devices' LTC®5800-IPM SoC running SmartMesh IP embedded networking software.
Dusty ADI Sensor is equipped with Dusty PCB-Ant.
Dusty ADI Sensors include several sensors: temperature, 3 Axis MEMS Accelerometer, 2 Axis MEMS Gyroscope and a User Push-button.
Dusty ADI Sensors can be used in conjunction with a SmartMesh IP network.
We suggest considering other MIDATRONICS boards and Smart boards to set up a fast prototyping lab.

Quick Specification:

● Supply Voltage : 3V CC

● Flash Memory : 256Kb

● Interface : USART / ADC / SPI / I2C / QSPI

● Dimensions : 60 x 30 mm

● Working temperature -40 °C to 85 °C

● RoHS status :  Compliant

Dusty PCB Development Boards

  • Dustino PCB Antenna

    Dustino PCB Antenna

    This document describes DUSTINO, an Arduino MKR1000 form factor board that represents a key solution for easy and fast prototyping of the Dust wireless technology. It is Arduino IDE compatible and powered by USB or battery. It will especially be useful for both the Makers community, as an Arduino compatible board, and the R&D teams of larger entities. Being the DUSTY on the board CE and FCC certified, there’s no need to certify the single board produced using Dustino, making it faster and more inexpensive to prototype and produce.


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  • Breakout Dusty PCB

    Breakout Dusty PCB Antenna

    An extremely small module networked by SmartMesh IP with an on-board PCB antenna, incorporating a LTC5800-IPM, a highly integrated low power radio design with an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit microprocessor running SmartMesh IP embedded networking software. SmartMesh IP wireless sensor networks are self-managing, low power internet protocol (IP) networks built from wireless nodes called motes, which can route, source or terminate data, and they behave according to the SmartMesh IP network software loaded: Wireless Mote, EManager, or Access Point Mote


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User Guides:

Certification, Compliance and Other Documents:

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