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The MDX-SB01 is an IoT (Internet of Things) handheld wireless notification button. This battery powered electronic device that can be useful to signal events to a cloud server and then to a person or organization. The wireless transmission uses the Sigfox network. 

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Main Features:

It is composed by an electronic board with:

● A pushbutton with one or two button presses

● RGB led for user feedback

● STM32L0 low power microcontroller from ST Microelectronics - ARM Cortex M0+ 32 bit MCU

● S2-LP sub-1GHz transceiver from ST Microelectronics for Sigfox radio transmission

Quick Specification:

The button overlay can be customized to suit user’s needs. The device is powered by 2 AAA non rechargeable Lithium batteries that guarantee years of operation (depending on the number of button pressions/transmissions). The batteries can be changed by the user when needed (Lithium Micro AAA Energizer L92) The MDX-SB01 device is a Sigfox RC1 radio class device.

The device is shipped with batteries disabled to conserve energy when the product is stocked. It is powered on by pressing the button, than remains active. Confirms power on by flashing the red led once. When pressing the button the device blue led blinks every 5 seconds. The device can be powered down by pressing the button until the blue led blinks two times. The device confirms power down flashing the blue led 5 times.


Technical Documentation:

User Guides:

Certification, Compliance and Other Documents:

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